At Oz Makine Ltd Sti. we can work within just about any time frame, and deliver your job on-time and on budget! We're your one-stop source for Precision parts since 2000….

Some of the industries we serve, automotive, machinery, furniture medical, defense and more.

Our manufacturing services include:

Cnc turned parts
Cnc milled parts
Welding services
Mounting of parts.


We offer you a variety of surface treatments, from large to small to complex parts.
We are happy to provide the services below:
*zinc plating
*phosphate plating
*nickel plating
*sulfamate nickel plating
*copper plating
*chrome plating
*silver plating
*brass plating
*electrolytic polishing of stainless steel


For all turned and milled parts we are capable of giving the required heat treatment as per your specifications:
*precipitation hardening
*hardening and tempering & Laser cuttıng is now available.